Our Services

Self Assessment (Tax Return)
for Self Employed

You will need an accountant even if you are a self employed person. Things can get messy very quickly if you do not know where to start from, what to do and who to deal with. There are several legal possible ways to avoid the taxes, therefore, we always try to save you more tax in a lowest price possible. We deal with HM Revenue & Customs in the agreed price and will not ask you for more. In addition, we will do your bookkeeping as well as submission of your Tax returns to HMRC.

Sole Trader's Accounting

We know how hard it is to run a business and earn money. You always need to look after certain things to keep your business running. We therefore, provide you a full peace of mind by taking care of your accounting and tax affairs and let you concentrate on running your business in such a way that is beneficial to you. We always do your bookkeeping on an ongoing basis throughout the accounting year. This gives us more time to prepare and to submit your Tax Return to HMRC well before the filling date. And this all is being provided for a lowest fees with no Hidden Charges.



VAT registered businesses need to submit their VAT returns every quarter. We help you doing that for you for a lowest fees possible. VAT could be very messy and therefore, it attracts fines and penalties. It needs an experienced staff to deal with VAT issues correctly and accurately. Our dedicated team has an admirable experience in dealing with HMRC concerning all VAT issues from VAT registration to VAT returns.


Payroll could be very challenging, time consuming and absolute annoyance. We therefore, provide an excellent payroll services to all kind of businesses. Our Payroll Package includes PAYE and NIC calculation, Payslips for each employee, Statutory payments and filling Employers Returns to HM Revenue & Customs. We can also make Payslips only if you provide us the calculation and will charge you per printed payslips.


Corporation Tax Return &
Annual Return

We also complete a Corporation Tax Return (CT600) for Private Limited Companies and file the returns to HMRC. In addition, small private limited companies are required to submit their Abbreviated Accounts to Companies House, we also submit these accounts on companies' behalf.


Taxi Driver Accounts

All self employed persons are legally obliged to keep their records maintained on an ongoing basis. We understand that Taxi drivers are always busy in driving and they have no time for the records keeping.  We, therefore, provide valuable and outstanding services to Taxi drivers. We prepare their Income & Expenditure Accounts from the information they provide us as well as we file their annual Tax Returns to HMRC as soon as possible before the filling date.


We also provide an excellent Bookkeeping services to our valuable clients. It could be done on an ongoing basis or at the year-end whenever it is convenient to our clients. However, we greatly recommend our clients to do it on an ongoing basis as valuable records could get missing very easily if not maintained appropriately and accurately. We charge very reasonable price for providing this services to our clients. And, we guarantee lowest price without compromising the quality of the work.


Business Setup

We also help our valuable clients in setting up their businesses by choosing the right legal structure of the business, dealing with other statutory requirements such as registrations with HMRC and/or Companies House.